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Atlantic City Newsletter

by Archie Black

Atlantic City Newsletter by Archie Black, November, 1999

The following is a copy of "Mr. Chips'" most recent "Atlantic City Newsletter" that accompanies each of his New Issues Service of Atlantic City mailings of casino chips and gaming tokens to his many faithful subscribers.

Claridge continues to crank out the majority of new casino chips in this town. While it seems like an excess, and it probably wouldn’t be as noticeable if other casinos were regularly issuing chips, the Claridge should be credited with maintaining our interest in collecting Atlantic City chips through their commemorative chip program. Without their periodic releases, this neglected area of interest (Atlantic City) would become a very boring aspect of chip collecting in general. I sincerely hope that everyone’s wallet is holding up. As a dealer/provider of chips through my popular A.C. New Issues Services, I welcome the frequency of issues.... however, as I put on my collector’s hat, I too sometimes have reservations about Claridge’s frequent and dual $5/$10 denomination chip issuing policy. By the way, the Claridge Halloween chips issued last month had the following mintages; 1,000 each of the $5’s, and just 500 each of the $10 denominations. These ten dollar chips (limited to just 500 pieces) are among Atlantic City’s scarcest issues.

The stalled Gambling Legends chip program at Claridge appears to be back on track and in full swing. On Friday, November 5th, the ninth additon to this series was released (John Wesley Hardin, Esq.) while the tenth chip in this series, (Dutch Jack Goetz) was released with the dual denomination Thanksgiving $5 & $10 chips on November 24th. Quantities of the Thanksgiving issue were announced to be 1000 & 500.

Black’s Cat. #C CLA-5o #C CLA-5p
Black’s Cat. #C CLA-5x #C CLA-10e
In the last issue of this newsletter, I mistakenly reported on a new fifty cent token issued at Trump Marina. This was my error. Marina has issued new $10, $25, $50, and $100 tokens to compliment their previously issued $1 & $5 tokens. I’ve been assured that the fifty centers from Trump Marina will be in use shortly. However, Bally’s Park Place has issued a brand new .50¢ token with the addition of “Wild Wild West” on the obverse.
T BPP-.50
I’ve received numerous requests for the Tropicana Titanic medallions. I will continue to honor all requests until my limited supply of tickets is exhausted..... and replenished from time to time or the slot promotion program is discontinued ..... whichever comes first. I was surprised that all requests received to date were for the complete set of four in the custom imprinted case.

I have several obsolete Caesars roulettes for sale at $8 each. These are dark brown 7 diamonds design. Ten pieces available. Also; five pieces of fuschia propeller design.

The architect’s rendering of Boyd’s new Borgota Casino in the Marina District, next to Steve Wynn’s Le Jardi Palais, has been unveiled. Construction will begin in the Spring and be completed in late 2002.

Happy collecting,

"When the chips are down, you can bet "Mr. Chips" will be there to pick them up."

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