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European Casino Chip-Jetons-Plaque News
by Bob Hermans,

Bob Hermans, European Chips-Jetons-Plaques, January, 2001

As promissed here some explenation about the European Casino game, La Boule.

It is still played a lot in France and Spain. Less in the other European country’s but it is possible to find it outside France or Spain. It is typically a low stakes game.

The first photo is the layout of La Boule where they spin the ball, you have to take into mind that the size of ball is like a billiard or poolball, so A LOT bigger then the small roulette ball.

It is similar to roulette but here there are only 9 numbers. There are black and red numbers with 5 the white one (like the 0 or 00 green on roulette).

The second photo is the layout of table. If you play Falta or Pasa, Impares or Pares or Red or Black the return is 1 to 1. When you play a number ‘plein’ , straight up like they say in the US, you get 7 times your bet. When the nr 5 commes out only the people who played on the nr 5 will be paid, all the others including colors, falta, pasa, impares and pares loose.

A big surprise to many will be the size of the Boule table, have a look…

Now some news about the EURO.

Bourgogne et Grasset delivered the 65 crates of Eurochips and Europlaques to the Bavarian Casinos.

The Bayerische Spielbanken of Germany, were the first group of Casinos to realise the necessity of ordering their Eurochips and plaques early. They chose B&G as their manufacturer and signed a contract 1 year ago.

The introduction of the Euro has made it possible for many Casinos not only to renew designs of their chips and plaques but also to improve the security levels by integrating the latest technology. B&G carried out large-scale product innovation to produce customized lunettes for the Europlaques. The lunettes corresponds with the corporate logo of the Bayerische Spielbanken.

With this new technology, B&G can now manufacture virtually any shape of lunette that a Casino may require.

All Casinos situated in the Euro currency area will make the historic change to the Euro currency at the same time as the official introduction of coins and bills. This will take place on January the 1st 2002.

So far B&G has received orders for more than five million Eurochips and Europlaques.

That is about it for this time,

Take care and kind regards,
Bob Hermans,

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