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European Casino Chip-Jetons-Plaque News
by Bob Hermans,

Bob Hermans, European Chips-Jetons-Plaques, October, 2000

You have read about European chips in my previous articles. The next few items are maybe of some interest to the slotcard and keycard collectors.

The first photo of a daycard (carta valevole per la giornata) from Casino Municipale di San Remo. In Italy, like in most European Casino's, you have to pay an entrance fee. You then recieve a daycard, or when you pay for a yearly card you get an kind of pass, that grants you entrance as many times you want for that period. Now the card you see here was given to a Mr. Oedenkoren from Belgio (Belgium) and this for the day of 11 March 1933.

Note it also says below Casino Municipale di San Remo, aperto tutto l'anno, which means, open all year. In that era they had along the French and Italian Riviera several casino's which were only open during the summer when the rich and famous had there holiday's there.

The second photo is a daycard from Casino Blankenberge. It was one of the first times that I went to a Belgian Casino myself, before my aunt got me the jetons (since the begining of the 1970s).

Here you see my day card issued on the 01/01/85, I was just 21 years there. (I was born in November 1963) 21 Is the minimum age to enter a casino in Belgium. You see the serial nunmber is 0010 so on New Years Day they start the new numbering and differant color from the year before. So I was their 10th player of that day and year at that time. I just realised that is almost 16 years ago, time does fly by.

Here again a bit more about European Casino's. This time a French one. Casino Deauville is one of the 'old' style places. Look at the picture from the outside, gives the feeling of a palace.

It is a big casino by European standards, 325 slot machines, 4 French Roulette tables, 4 American tables, 7 Black Jack tables, 3 Boule tables ( I will make a article about this particular European game soon), 3 Stud Poker tables and 1 Punto Banco table. Open every day of the year from 11 am till 2 am (4 am in the weekends). BUT, the traditional games only as of 4 pm.

Now that the French Roulette table is gone at the Paris, Las Vegas, I have included a nice picture of the French Roulette tables in Deauville, for those who miss the French Roulette they can come and have a look here.

That is about it, I'll try to keep you posted with more news and events. If you want to write to me you can send mail to: Bob, P.O. Box 49 2200 Herentals, Belgium Europe or email me.

Take care and kind regards,
Bob Hermans,

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