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Gene Trimble on chips

by Gene Trimble

Trimble on chips, November, 1998

I have posted on several occasions how I was trying to find where the Nevada Dice Co. was located and when it stopped doing business. Most of you will remember the posts on the Bill Boreland counterfeits that were made on the NEVADA and DICE CARD molds, attributing the molds to the NDC.

The NDC was the Bud Jones Co. from 1965 until the middle 70's when Bud decided to put his name on the Co. Some chippers might have known this, but I asked everyone I knew and got no answer. I found out by accident.

In 1988 Boreland issued a Blue Book on chip collecting. It is 2 inches thick and really informative. Only a few copies were made per my source, who happens to have worked for Bud Jones since 1965 and was a friend of Borelands.Page one of the book I have, is personalized to a specific person by the publisher. Boreland, then wrote Enjoy the book and autographed it.

Boreland bought the rights to the NEVADA and Di-CD molds from Bud Jones after Bud started making the Coin Inlay chips. As we suspected, Boreland had the Burt Co. (Atlantic Standard by this time) make blanks on the 2 molds and hot stamped them at his store.

Bud Jones did make the Coin Inlay Silver Bird and Holiday International chips for Boreland to be sold as key chains. Once Bud found out what he was doing with them, he refused to make any more chips for Borland.

There are 4 pages in Boreland's Blue Book depicting 68 different molds. He also lists the distributors of the molds. I found a few surprises in this list. The information could have only come from the Burt Co records. He has address for the old distributors. He attributes the HHL to the C.W. Rice Co. in Walnut Creek, Ca in the early years and Paul-Son in the later years. I intend to read every word in the book as I feel there might be clues to when the HHR was 1st issued. Researching the D4C Ranch HHR, is what led me to Boreland,s book.

Has anyone out there ever seen this book? Just wondering!

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