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Atlantic City Newsletter

by Archie Black

Atlantic City Newsletter by Archie Black, July, 2000

The following is a copy of "Mr. Chips'" most recent "Atlantic City Newsletter" that accompanies each of his New Issues Service of Atlantic City mailings of casino chips and gaming tokens to his many faithful subscribers.

The unofficial word has been that this chip has been languishing in Trump Marina's main cage for some time now. Evidently, someone in authority had set the date of Friday, June 16th as the proper time to finally release this first $10 Trump Marina chip issue of 1500 pieces.

Finally, on June 19th, with little advance notification, Taj issued their combination Year of the Dragon/Millennium chip. This double event is commemorated on each side of the same chip. I guess we should be happy that Taj didn't issue two separate chip issues.

Right on schedule; the last Friday of June, Claridge released their latest issue of $5 and $10 Lighthouse chips. The 3rd chip in this increasingly popular series, Sandy Hook, NJ (as in issues past) is of 1,000 and 500 quantities respectively.

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse is said to be the oldest existing lighthouse in the United States. It was closed last year for extensive restoration and was re- dedicated on June 10th, 2000. This year marks the 236th anniversary of the first lighting, which took place on June 11, 1764.

The lighthouse was constructed by various New York City merchants who were interested in protecting valuable shipping interests in the region.

Claridge continues to celebrate major holidays by issuing commemorative chips to mark the occasion. This year's 4th of July is no exception. Once again, $5 & $10 chips in 1000 and 500 quantities respectively were issued as expected.

Well, they are all gone! Not only are the small "mini-i" varieties no longer available, so are ALL of the $1 gray ring metal insert chips gone! All $1 gray ring table chips were replaced with the original black ring Bud Jones chips and all of the replacement chips are brand-spanking new.

It would appear that the new black-ring chips differ slightly from the original black rings in that the lettering appears to be slightly bolder on the new issue and the "H" in Harrah's is higher than the rest of the letters.

One would need to have both chip specimens side-by-side to tell the difference. So, if anyone missed these black ring chips the first time around, now is the time to restock. I'm sending the new variation out with this mailing with a special price of only $2@ for standing orders. If anyone wants additional $1 black ring chips, they are priced at $3@. If you don't wish to keep the enclosed $1 chip for $2, you may return it.

The $5 & $10 Claridge Lighthouse Series continues. Next up; Absecon (Atlantic City) Lighthouse in July.

On a few occasions, I have mailed out special newsletters to only those who are listed for specific items. For example: An announcement of a new $5 commemorative chip that has just been issued would not be sent out to those who have signed up for only $1 or $2.50 or $5 regular table chips, or to slot token subscribers. Conversely, new slot token announcements would not be sent to chip subscribers via first class mail unless there were chips AND tokens being sent at the same time.

However, if all my subscribers who are on-line would provide me with their email addresses, it would not be that much of a problem to send an attachment of my newsletter, via email, of copies of all announcements to everyone. No matter what chips/tokens you have signed up for with my new issues service.

You will still get a hard copy of the newsletter with the chips and invoice, just like you always have. This proposed e-mail attachment would be in addition to the first class mailings. If interested in this free service, simply write in your email address in the box provided on the invoice when you send in payment for your next chip and/or token shipment.

At the June meeting of the Atlantic City Chapter, several new significant A.C. chip discoveries were reported to me for inclusion in the next Edition of "Black's Catalog". The Trump Plaza Miss America chip from 1997 Tara Holland has been found with a much smaller "Trump Plaza" letters on the obverse of the chip. This new variety will be cataloged as: CC TPP-5kk.

A "current" $25 Trump Marina issue without the security dot in the numeral "5" on the obverse has also been found. I went through $3,000 worth of Marina quarter chips after the meeting and couldn't find one of them without the dot. This variety will be listed as: C MAR-25b

The same collector disclosed variations of the following $25 obsolete chips. Bally's Grand; Caesars; Showboat; Trump Castle; Trump Plaza. These chips with the linen inlays exist with pointed top center inlays and flat top horizontal center inlays. Samples are illustrated below. Check the chips in your collections and see if they are different than the ones illustrated in my catalog. These variations also will be assigned new catalog numbers in the 2001 Edition of "Black's Catalog".

While waiting in line at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 30th at the Claridge for the release of the 4th of July and the latest Lighthouse chips; word was being circulated about a 4th of July $5 chip at Trump Plaza and a $25 hologram 4th of July issue at Tropicana on Saturday.

This late-breaking news took everybody by surprise as it meant scurrying around for additional $$$ to purchase these previously un-anticipated chips. Quick trips to MAC machines overnight solved the problem of cash flow. Sure was glad that Brenda was with me this weekend, as my limit was exceeded on my card.

The $25 Trop chips posed no problem to obtain (1000 were made) and no limits were placed on purchases. I've been told that these hologram chips cost Trop somewhere between $8 and $11 to purchase from Paulson, as Paulson does not manufacture the holograms which had to be provided by an outside firm.

I'm sure that all of you who are actually receiving one will agree that this is a beautiful chip. The illustrations below do not do justice to the fascinating hologram effect of this center inlay when tilted in various positions.

The Trump Plaza chip was a little more difficult (for me) to acquire. I don't know why me, but I was limited to only a two-stack purchase after being rebuffed by a pit boss when attempting to buy more than two stacks. A phone call to the casino supervisor allowed me to purchase two additional stacks, but still far short of what I needed to supply all of my subscribers, plus I was asked by fellow chipper, Russ Diaz,to pick up two stacks for him, as he had to attend a wedding on Saturday,

Needless to say, being unable to purchase my own chips, I was not able to pick up Russ' chips either. That is, until Brenda once again saved the day. Brenda was sitting home at the A.C. condo with our grandson while I went to Trump Plaza for the chips. I didn't expect any problems with an issue of 2500 chips. Well, with Brenda and little Kenny now in tow, it was back to the Plaza where Brenda was able to pick up the three additional stacks needed to cover all the bases without any problem, while I waited in the lobby with Kenny.

While going through the $5 Claridge Sandy Hook Lighthouse chips, I discovered two distinct color variations for those who care about such matters. This chip exists with two different sky colors. One appears to have a gray stormy sky, while the other is a bright blue sky. The gray sky variety is by far in less quantity than the blue sky variety. So if anyone wishes the gray sky, please indicate so in the remarks section of the invoice and I'll send one out to you with the next mailing. This variety only occurs on the $5 chip, not on the $10 issue.

Happy collecting,

"When the chips are down, you can bet "Mr. Chips" will be there to pick them up."

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