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Atlantic City Newsletter

by Archie Black

Atlantic City Newsletter by Archie Black, July, 1999

The following is a copy of "Mr. Chips'" most recent "Atlantic City Newsletter" that accompanies each of his New Issues Service of Atlantic City mailings of casino chips and gaming tokens to his many faithful subscribers.

If those of you who were in attendance at the Vegas Convention thought it was hot out there... that climate; with no humidity, was nothing compared to the record-setting heat wave we're experiencing here in New Jersey over the 4th of July weekend (and beyond) .... and we've got plenty of humidity to go with the high temperatures... unlike the "dry" heat in Vegas.

The Fourth of July heat has "hatched" several new issues in Atlantic City, begining with a $5 & $10 July 4th issue at Claridge (Black's # CLA-5s and CLA-10a). There were 1000 $5 chips made and only 500 of the $10 chips. Restrictions of one stack of twenty chips on the $5's and half a stack (ten chips) were placed on the $10's. Needless to say, the $10 chips were sold out in less than 45 minutes or so to the throngs lined up at noon to purchase them from a single roulette table. The $5 chips were still available late into the evening, but were all gone by morning. I was unable to get enough for those subscribers who are on my list for more than one chip. I barely have enough for everyone at ONE $10 chip per customer. If anyone wants to sell back their $10 chip to me, I'll purchase any for $15@! Yes, you heard it right.... if you don't want to keep the $10 chip for $15, I'll GIVE YOU $15 for it's safe return. I've heard of asking prices up to $40 for this chip already! This is going to be a good one in my opinion!

Tropicana also issued their $10 "Titanic" (Black's # C TRO-10) on the same July 4th weekend. Difference in this one and the Claridge $10 chip is that there were ten times as many made for Trop (5000 issued of the Tropicana chip)!! They should be around throughout the summer.... or at least until the Titanic display promotion ends.

Trump Marina has issued their new $5 slot token..... making all the Trump Castle $5 tokens now obsolete. No word on when the $25 and $100 wjill be changed over. the new golden colored brass token has a very plain design with "Trump Marina" on the obverse and a large numeral "5" on the reverse with a "RWM" mintmark (Roger Williams Mint).

Also at Trump Marina is a completely new attractive series of roulette chips with nautical themes. While not as colorful as the Harrah's Marina CHIPCO roulettes, they have very striking bold black letters and designs on a very white background. Designs are as follows; Turtle; Scallop Shell; Anchor; Seahorse; Lobster; Lighthouse; Angel Fish; Sailboat and the highroller table as either a dolphins or whales design.

Meanwhile at Harrrah's the CHIPCO roulettes seem to be flying off the tables as collectors seek to complete their sets with new colors (Light Gray; Dark Charcoal Gray; Brown; Orange; Lime: Aqua; and Flesh... or Coral) before they are withdrawn and replaced with Paulson roulette chips... which I'm told have already been ordered.

Below are illustrated the 1st issue Caesars roulettes that replaced the original Boardwalk Regency roulettes. Since this 1st issue, there have been three different issues of roulettes. I have less than 10 chips of each color for sale at $15@. Colors available are: Brown, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange.

In the original Boardwalk Regency series, I have very few (less than six each) of the following colors; Lt Blue, Orange, Lt Green, Brown. Price on these is $20@.

Happy collecting,

"When the chips are down, you can bet "Mr. Chips" will be there to pick them up."

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