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About Chip Art

Prior to the use of computers, graphic artists hand drew their projects. Chip Art are original works of art used to create inlays on casino chips. They usually feature the casino's building or logo. This art was never meant for the collector market, they were made as part of the casino chip production process. Some of these pieces were retained by chip manufacturers, while most were destroyed. The pieces typically became available to the public when the manufacturer closed or was purchased.

The Chip Art in this exhibit was purchased by David Sarles from Jim Blanchard at Atlantic Standard Molding. The Chip Art was in the archives of the Burt Co. when Jim purchased the company. Some of the Chip Art was sold to several collectors. The balance were shipped to Howard Herz at Gaming Archeology for appraisal. Howard photographed the collection as part of his appraisal. Those photographs were edited for this exhibit. The art was then donated to the Nevada Historical Society in Reno.

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