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European Casino Chip-Jetons-Plaque News
by Bob Hermans,

Bob Hermans, European Chips-Jetons-Plaques, August, 2000

Hi fellow collectors,

After recuperating from my first CC&GTCC Convention, and it was a fantastic one, its time give you some of my impressions.

As I told you this was my first CC&GTCC Convention and after flying 9 hours from Brussels (Belgium) to Washington, DC, stayed there 1.5 hours to make the connection to Las Vegas, again 4.5 hours flight. I arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday around 7 PM, tired. The first thing I noticed when I tried to get out of the airport and grab a shuttle to the hotel was that a gentleman asked me to see my airline ticket with the luggage ticket number to see that I had picked up my personal luggage. I have travelled all over the world but this was the first time I was asked this. Okay, maybe they know some people don't travel that 'light' to Vegas.

My first impression of Las Vegas, it was as I hoped it would be, fantastic. All the older places I have heard and read about, the new mega-resorts. Okay, we in Europe have older, historical casinos, like Spa in Belgium (first one in the world) opened in 1732, the historical ones in Monaco and France etc. But Las Vegas is definitely the gaming capital of the world.

Like I have already seen in Atlantic city and the Caribbean they don't mind the dresscode, like they do in Europe. Unfortunately, here the aim is to make money. Fast money, craps, blackjack all fast games even roulette is pushed fast. Except at the French table at Paris where they play European style, a lot slower, the croupiers put your jeton where you want it to be if you can't reach it. It is a more slowly, friendlier game but the minimum is a lot higher.

In Europe we play a lot slower and the atmosphere inside the casinos is more serene. But still Las Vegas is okay compared to the noise and crowds I have seen in Macao. There I even could not get to a table, just too many people. Those who know me, compared to small Chinese people (no disrespect intended), I looked over the crowd but could not reach to table.

Then the CC&GTCC Convention, never been to any before, I was impressed with the set up this year. Apparently I was not the only one reading all your comments. Meeting a lot of people I emailed with, getting to know some of the people who post regular messages on the bulletin boards. I had a GREAT time. Next year I will be back and stay even a bit longer.

Attending the seminars and swap meets after years of collecting on my own, since 1973, was unbelievable seeing so many people with the same hobby and passion.

Now here is some more news

The scans shown here are of some Chipco chips made for a casino in Tunisia, in the city of Port El Kantaoui. The casino was located in a hotel owned by a Tunisian businessman but run by a German businessman. For some reason or the other the casino got into to trouble with the Tunisian Tourism Board, who issues the casino license, and had the license wasn't extended in 1993.

After a while the Tunisian Tourism Board asked if other parties where interested in running the casino. A group of investors, including some Belgian ones, were interested in running the casino and applied for the license. The whole interior was redone, new tables and new slots were ordered. They also trained new dealers and had management in place. They also ordered new Chipco Pro-Tech chips in 6 denominations and they where made February, 1994.

They casino was ready, table done, slots in place, chips on the tables and at the last minute the license did NOT get through and the place never opened. UNTIL...

The Stardust Casino, owned by Storm International CS, opened its doors at Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia on August 11 2000. The casino has 15 tables and 70 slots. The company had for a number of years opened and managed casinos in Moscow and other regions in the former Soviet Union. Storm President, Geoff Taylor, added that the new Stardust Casino is the latest in a series of projects in Europe that the company has presently under consideration.

Have a look at the scan of the chips used before in the casino, but were never in play. For the current chips we have to wait until one of us passes by the new Stardust and picks some up.

Some other European news

Ladbrokes (England) the gaming and betting arm of the group of operates 27 casinos in the UK including 6 in London. The Casino in Douglas, on the Isle of Man, is also due to hold a Poker Tournament in November.

The Bavarian Casino Group (Bayerische Spielbanken) of Germany has opened its latest casino with a great party in the island-town of Lindau. The Director of the casino, Mr. J Muller, has made the Grand Opening of the new Spielbank Lindau on July 15. This marks the 4th opening of a new premises in shortest time for the group. Next opening will be Spielbank Bad Steben in 2001.

Casino Solei, opened on 21 July, is an American-style casino in a Caribbean environment and is located in Umag along the beautiful coast of Istria. It features 18 gaming tables and 120 slots, making it the biggest casino in Croatia.

That is about it, I'll try to keep you posted with more news and events. If you want to write to me you can send mail to: Bob, P.O. Box 49 2200 Herentals, Belgium Europe or email me.

Take care and kind regards,
Bob Hermans,

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